Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Might Finally Be Here!

It is time for me to step up my training a bit….there are lots of rides coming up and I want to feel confident that I can do them. Right now, tired and sore from a 42 mile ride averaging 13.5 mph, I’m not feeling so confident!
My daughter and I rode together and had a great ride but coming home was uphill and at least partly into the wind….guess we didn’t plan that very well! And didn’t it seem like the wind was blowing harder than 9 mph that the Underground Weather site was reporting?? It was the longest ride to date for both of us. The weather forecast looks decent for the rest of the week so hopefully more riding will be taking place!

On the ride we met a car we didn't reconize that crossed the lane headed towards us - around here if that occurs I figure the person knows me and is just plaing around. Which was the case again,this time it was my other daughter out cruising with the boyfriend in a classic car he restored. We all stopped and chatted a few minutes. Yep....meeting the boyfriend in my spandex, dorky glasses with mirror attached, neon jacket - he's bound to have nightmares.

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