Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Getting Organized To Ride More…Even When Time Is Limited

Okay, it’s time for me to get organized so when I have time to ride I can get out the door and on the road quicker! Here are a few things I’m going to try to do:

1. Keep all bike gear in the same spot all the time so I’m not running around looking for it.
a. I do a fair job of this already; cycling clothing is all in 3 dresser drawers I took over when oldest daughter left home.
b. I seem to have the most problem with my gadgets; heart rate monitor and bike computer (sometimes I bring it in the house to record mileage and then forget where I left it).
c. Also, I tend to forget my gloves so I leave an extra pair in the garage on a shelf next to my bike.

2. Have under-the-seat bike bag stocked with essentials and emergency supplies and will replace when they are used:
a. Bike tube, CO2, tire lever, multi tool
b. Cliff bar, energy gels
c. Tissue in a baggie for cleaning sunglasses
d. Money
e. LED taillight for when I get caught out at dusk
f. Clipped to the bag, my $5 Walmart radio, good company on solo rides

3. On the bike:
a. Halt dog spray in velcro pouch on bike
b. Cell phone holder. Which reminds me……keep cell phone charged!
c. Tire pump

That’s it for equipment, a few other things I need related to food and hydration:
1. Water – I like it cold, or at least like to start out that way. Put ice in Polar water bottle and store in freezer. Just need to add the water.
2. Electrolyte drink – I’ve been using powdered Gatorade but my daughter has got me started on the new Gatorade G2, less sugar and taste better. I picked up a couple of 8-packs of this and keep some in the refrigerator ready to go.
3. Keep some fresh fruit cut up and ready to eat before and after a ride. Also will stock some healthy granola bars (ones without high fructose corn syrup).

Bike Maintenance:
1. I vow to do this on rainy days when I’m not able to ride anyway! For me the only maintenance I really do myself is pump up the tires, clean the chain, and oil the chain. I like to think I’m contributing to keeping the local bike shop open by letting Rich take care of the rest.


Tez said...

I have everything in a big duffle bag. The off season I even put my bike clothes in there so it is all together. The bad thing is that sometimes thing are hard to find in the duffle and also you have to remember to put the items in the duffle!

SD_pedalpower said...

Try riding naked!

I mean no gadgets...get you mind out of the gutter :)

Cathy Jo said...

Pedal Power....riding naked....this blog has no adult content! No really, I agree, I need to forget the gadgets and enjoy the ride! Congrats on your epic weekend ride, you are a super star!