Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Women Out Number Men for First Time on LaneHogs Bike Ride!

History was made this evening when more women showed up for the bike ride than men. Craig and Kevin were good sports and kept their pace in check which was great as I was just a little hesitant of overdoing it after the virus I had. Afterall, I need to save my strength for the Bunyan's to Bob's ride on Saturday.

It was great to chat and get caught up with what is going on in everyone's lives. Laura, Cindy, Evie, and I made up the women of the group. I believe this was my first ride with Laura (who was riding tandem with her hubby Kevin). My first ride with Evie since I moved up to a road bike 2 years ago. And my first ride with Cindy this year. My second ride of the season with Craig and Kevin. May there be many more rides like this one! And by the way, the weather was absolutely perfect!


bikingbrady said...

It was beautiful out tonight! Thanks for the great ride and for your encouragement to Laura!

Tez said...