Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flowers Are Planted - Now I Can Ride

The wind finally died down this evening and I got all my flowers planted. Quite a variety; hibiscus, venusta, astilbe, delphinium, fox glove, orchid frost dead nettle, inpatients, etc. Mostly perennials, next year hopefully I'll have less planting to do, leaving more time for bike riding!

Driving home from work I saw lots of bikers out; a group on LaneHogs who were going out to do the Bluff Road-Meckling loop, Melissa commuting home from work, and Dean on his recumbent headed back to Vermillion. It was neat to see so many bikers out and I knew them all!

Also today I received a packet of fun things all to do with biking; a Bike Friday catalogue, bike maps for the Lewis and Clark route and the Northern Tier route, and a new bike mirror. Sent by a friend from TDK who I visited with on this past Saturday's ride. It was like an early Christmas! My fantasy is that someday my husband and I will go on long road trips. He loves his little red Mustang convertible but won't put a bike rack on it. This is the one thing he won't compromise on, so I think I need a bike friday that will fold up and fit in the trunk. It's a nice dream but I won't be purchasing a bike friday anytime soon....but maybe someday!


bikingbrady said...

You can't buy a bike friday yet. It's only Wednesday. DUH! :-)

elogue said...

Dad will never put a bike rack on his mustang. Are you kidding? Call it what you will but I'm begining to realize more everyday that us Logue's have a pretty strong stuborn side. Say, aren't you suprised to see me commenting on your blog?!

Cathy Jo said...

Wow, I guess at least one of my daughters reads my blog, I am surprised! Dad's not for a bike rack but he is for a bike friday!