Saturday, May 3, 2008

Grown Up Daughters

One thing that I have been pleasantly surprised to find as my daughters have grown up is how much fun it is to have them as friends! When they first left the house they seemed to distance themselves a bit, as they should, to go off and have their college experience. But as they have graduated and entered the “real world” of work and responsibilities, it seems like we have gotten closer.

Our oldest daughter and I do some riding together so that gives us hours to talk and bond. But I really enjoy the time spent with my baby too, we just do different activities together. Last weekend we took the youngest and her boyfriend out for supper. Somehow the conversation turned to beer and our favorites and the boyfriend said he really likes Summer Shandy. On our way home my husband commented that he couldn’t believe this guy likes Summer Shandy. I think my husband is under the impression that only people who wear spandex like Summer Shandy! My opinion is that the daughter’s boyfriend has good taste; he is after all dating my daughter and he likes Summer Shandy – what a guy, I'm liking him more and more!

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bikingbrady said...

Mmmmmm...Summer Shandy