Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Ride

I headed out for a ride with no particular destination in mind, but since the wind was out of the west that was the direction I headed. A couple of miles out of town I was greeted by a yellow lab that thinks it is great fun to run beside me, in front of me, and basically all over the road. This dog does not know the commands "go home" and doesn't care he's a "bad dog." His house is at the base of a hill so I can't out run him. With the dog darting in front of my bike I'm afraid I'm going to hit him and I'll go down. A mile into the ride I decided for the dog's safety and my own, I would give him a small taste of pepper spray. He didn't like it but recovered quickly enough and caught up with me and followed me for a couple of miles. It's time for me to go back to Cabella's and get some bear spray, from past experience I know it works very well on dogs also, but you have to take a lot of ribbing from people when you carry a canister of bear spray on your bike! No seriously, this is a very nice dog and the owners are very nice people. I'll just have to talk with them and let them know their dog is trying to follow me across the country side.

I ended up riding 41 miles......I call it my twin peaks route; there are two major hills (at least for my area) Talmo Hill and Frog Creek Hill. It was a slow ride, my average speed this year is in the gutter but I don't really care because I'm enjoying myself!

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CDV said...

Speed is over rated anyway.