Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Review

The weekend started out great. Left work early on Friday to go to Soux Falls to attend the pre-graduation hooding ceremony with a stop first at the Two Wheeler Dealer Bike Shop. Very nice shop, seems to have more accessories specific to women. I had been doing some research on bike saddles and had decided Iwanted to try a Specialized women's saddle and when I did a search for a shop near me I was pleasantly surpised to see this new bike shop in Sioux Falls had them. I brought my bike with me so I could get it all set up properly. I got the Jett saddle and am very anxious to try it out, I think this is the one! So onto the ceremony and reception following.

Next day we attended a couple of graduation parties in Vermillion for the daughters of a couple of our friends. Both graduated from dental hygiene and had a combined party with 4 other girls, all from the dental hygiene program. It was a great party and one I'll probably not forget as one of the other girls I didn't know, was proposed to! She said yes and the merriment continued.

We came back home and had a little rest and continued to another graduation party that evening.

That is when the fun began. Rather suddenly I became violently sick to my stomach (over and over and over agan). Luckilly we were home at the onset. My husband and I had eaten the same things all day and he felt fine, so I knew it wasn't food poisoning. It was severe enough that I went to the ER at midnight, my first trip to the ER in 29 years. I have the Noro virus, not fun stuff. After seven attempts, they got an IV in and I got a couple of liters of IV fluid and some meds for the nausea. Went back home and basically slept through Mother's Day but both daughters came by for a visit bearing gifts. I'm a lucky woman! This virus will subside and I'll be out riding soon!


Melissa said...

Hey, get well soon!!! I'm super sorry that you were sick on a gorgeous day.

bikingbrady said...

Sorry to hear about your ER trip! Get better and on the bike soon!

CDV said...

Ok, I guess you had a good excuse for not showing up on Sunday. I hope your feeling better soon, you don't want to miss B2B ride Saturday.

Tez said...

Hope you are feeling better. Sounded nasty!